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Storm windows

What are storm windows?

A storm window is an extra window that is mounted on the outside or inside of an existing window. Storm windows are usually a cheaper alternative to double-paned glass, because they do not need to be installed in the window frame. They are therefore also very suitable for monumental or historic properties, on the inside, when double glazing is not possible: you benefit from heat insulation as well as from sound insulation, while retaining the original character of the window frame. A storm window can also be used to improve the insulation of stained glass windows and protect them. Storm windows are usually more sound-proofing than standard double-paned windows.

In some older houses, the window frames consist of steel frames. Storm windows are not suitable to be mounted on these. For steel window frames, we recommend to use a different type of glass, such as single-pane glass with a HR coating or double glazing, if you want to insulate your home.

How do storm windows work?

Mounting storm windows on single glazed windows provides additional insulation by creating an insulating space between the storm window and the existing window. This effect is comparable to double glazing. The insulating air layer improves the heat and sound insulation and therefore also reduces the heating costs of the house. A u-value of 3.0 is often achievable with this combination.

Advantages of storm windows

  • Up to 50% less heat loss compared to standard single glazing
  • U-value is on average 3.0
  • No damage to other materials during their installation
  • There is no need to paint after their installation
  • Very easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning
  • Burglar-resistant
  • Improved sound insulation
  • Protection of fragile glass, such as stained glass

Types of storm windows

Storm windows are available in many different types, colours, shapes and materials. Glazing firm Berserik uses standard a coloured enamelled aluminium profile. For the glass in the storm windows, you can choose from single-pane glass and laminated safety glass of various thicknesses, optionally with an acoustic film (soundproof glass). Glazing firm Berserik has a large stock of glass products and can therefore supply from stock many types and sizes of windows.

Delivery and installation of storm windows

Does your glass have non-standard dimensions? No problem. At glazing firm Berserik we have over 25 years of experience in processing glass products. Thanks to our good contacts with various glass factories, we can also quickly supply glass of uncommon dimensions.

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