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Single-pane glass

Single-pane glass, also known as float glass, consists of a single layer of glass and is usually fully transparent, but is also available in various translucent colours or in extra clear glass. Single-pane glass is the basis for every type of glass. At glazing firm Berserik we also offer single-pane glass with a special HR coating so that you can achieve almost the same insulation value as with standard double-pane glass. Do you have any questions or would you like to order single-pane glass? Please contact us on 070 381 6751. We are available 24/7 and can, if required, deliver single-pane glass within 1 hour in The Hague.

Thickness options of single-pane glass

Transparent single-pane glass is available in different thickness options: from 2 to 19 millimetres. We have various types of single-pane glass in stock, enabling us to cut, process and, if necessary, install the glass quickly. We also offer single-pane glass in the form of safety glass and stained glass.

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Single-pane glass with HR coating

Increasingly, single-pane glass is also being used as insulating glass. By providing single-pane glass with a HR coating, this type of glass achieves almost the same insulating value as standard double glazing. Single glazing with an insulating coating is very suitable for keeping the authentic character of historic mansions, monuments and canal houses, while investing in thermal and sound insulation, safety and all the benefits that this type of glass brings. These advantages will also pay off when you sell your house.

Monumental laminated glass

A common application of this type of glass is monumental laminated single-pane glass. This single-pane insulating glass is a transparent laminated glass type with a HR coating on the inside. Characteristic are the “pull marks” in the glass, when viewed from a certain angle. We also apply special glazing sealant, which does not affect the performance and coating. The applied sealant edge on the outside resembles the current “putty edge” (tapered). The HR coating is a vacuum-deposited metal layer, which is slightly light blue tinted and very vulnerable to sharp objects and improper cleaning agents and methods.

Single-pane glass for your interior

Single-pane glass is often used in standard exterior glazing and interior doors. Single-pane glass can also be used for table tops, stained glass, safety glass, cabinet doors, glass shelves and backsplashes in the kitchen. This type of glass is often applied in the form of patterned glass. Each application requires a separate approach. We have the expertise and will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Processing of insulating glass

At glazing firm Berserik we can process your insulating glass. Some of the techniques we carry out in our glass studio:

  • Glass painting
  • Polishing
  • Sandblasting
  • Stained glass

Contact us for no-obligation advice via 070 381 6751 or visit our shop in The Hague.

More information about single glazing

For more information and advice on single-pane glass, call glazing firm Berserik in The Hague 070 381 6751 . Do you have a special glass project or do you need a special shape or size? In our glass studio in The Hague we can customise all single-pane glass.