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Stained glass

Stained glass has fascinated us for centuries. From about 3500 BC the Egyptians and Mesopotamians already had recipes that enabled them to make glass by fusing sand, potash and a few other ingredients.

In Classical antiquity, people made relief slabs of glass framed with wood or bronze, and centuries ago, the Islamites created colourfully painted mosaics, which were bricked into walls.

In Europe, glass was introduced by the Romans. In the Middle Ages people began to assemble and frame loose pieces of glass in lead cames. The lead pattern became intentionally part of the composition and gained an artistic function in addition to its necessary presence.

Even today, stained glass windows are often positioned above eye level. After all, the charm of stained glass is that it reflects the day, the changing light throughout the hours.

Stained glass repair or new stained glass

In our studio we make stained glass in various styles, including Art-Nouveau, Bauhaus and Jugendstil. We can also come to you to repair stained glass. Call 070 381 6751 for advice from our experts or visit our glass studio.

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More information about stained glass

Our stained glass specialists have many years of experience and will be happy to give you advice on stained glass. Please contact us by phone on 070 381 6751 or visit our shop. The opening times of our shop are