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Glass services

Glazing firm Berserik has been the number one glazing specialist in and around The Hague for more than 25 years. We offer a total package of glazing services, such as supplying, installing, processing and restoring glass. As an extra service we offer a 24-hour repair and replacement service.

24/7 glass replacement service

If you have a broken window, you want it to be replaced as soon as possible. Glazing firm Berserik is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve your emergency professionally and quickly. In most cases we can deliver and install new glass within one hour.

Call: 070 - 381 6751

Supply of glass

Glazing firm Berserik has a large stock of glass products and can therefore quickly supply many types of glass. We can usually supply from stock single-pane glass, double-pane glass and burglar-resistant glass of standard dimensions.

25 years of experience in processing glass products. Thanks to our good contacts with various glass factories, we can also quickly supply glass of highly unusual dimensions.

Installing glass

The glass experts of glazing firm Berserik have many years of experience in transporting and installing glass; your glass is therefore in good hands at glazing firm Berserik. Every situation is different, and our employees are trained to find a suitable solution in any situation.

Would you like more information about the working method of our glaziers? Please contact us via 070 – 381 6751 or fill in the contact form.

Call: 070 - 381 6751

Processing glass

Glazing firm Berserik does not only have its own shop in The Hague, but also a studio. Glass experts specializing in the processing of glass products work in this studio. Here we briefly explain the kind of work we do in our studio:

Glass polishing

Glass polishing is the most common form of glass processing. We can polish the edges of your glass both straight and facet. Facet polishing creates a decorative edge that is often seen in mirrors and glass tabletops.

Glass cutting, drilling and milling

By cutting glass, all requested dimensions and shapes can be realized. Glazing firm Berserik can also provide your glass with drill holes and mill certain parts of the glass.

Glass sandblasting

Sandblasting glass has many decorative advantages. By sandblasting in different depths, glazing firm Berserik can create the most detailed patterns and images in your glass. By sandblasting glass, we can also matt your windows.

Stained glass

At glazing firm Berserik, the creation and fitting of stained glass is carried out by qualified stained glass craftsmen and glaziers. In our studio we design stained glass panels ourselves and we can restore your existing stained glass.

Glass painting

Glass painting is a very specific form of glass work and is time consuming. The colours are applied one by one by hand and subsequently fired into the glass one by one in a kiln. On our Studio page page you can find more information about this special type of glass work.

Free bespoke advice, always

We understand that every situation requires a different approach. That is why we are always there for you, to give you no-obligation advice about the possibilities regarding glass and its installation. Our glass experts will also be happy to answer any questions you have about our stained glass and glass painting services.

For expert advice, call 070 – 381 6751 or fill in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Call: 070 - 381 6751