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Glazing firm Berserik makes and designs stained glass panels in the traditional way using existing and new designs. Examples are the glazing of original sliding doors, entrance doors and overhead lights, but also roof domes, staircases and skylights are among the possibilities. We restore both older panels and install ‘modern’ windows. The work is carried out in our own studio, but repairs of broken panes can also be done on-site.

All this work is carried out by qualified stained glass installers and glaziers. We also perform the historical craft of glass painting in our own studio. Because of our expertise, glazing firm Berserik can provide bespoke advice in the field of design and execution, including pattern, colour choice, lead thickness and type of glass. Combinations are possible in consultation.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? We also sell glazing supplies.


When choosing a design there are many different styles to consider: Art-Nouveau, Bauhaus, Jugendstil or contemporary styles, as well as the ‘decorative’ style from the 1920s/1930s. Classic designs feature one or more cames and possibly a centre pattern. These include diagonal divisions with so-called diamond-shaped panes.

Colour choice and type of glass

When designing the pattern, the colours of the glass and the types of glass are of great importance as they determine the atmosphere. The three most common types of glass for creating a stained glass panel are: transparent, (Tisch) Cathedral and (mouth-blown) antique glass.

Transparent glass is a clear transparent type of glass, while cathedral glass is a textured glass with a bubbled structure that prevents see-through. Antique glass is characterized by patterns of light scratches and air bubbles. All these types of glass are available in standard colours. It is also possible to use combinations of these types of glass to obtain an optimal result. Our assortment of glass samples allows you to make a choice that suits your wishes and taste.

Types of lead

The lead in a panel ensures that the pieces of glass are connected to each other in a pattern. The traditional rods that used to be attached to the stained glass panels are nowadays replaced by steel-cored lead cames. This gives optimal strength to the stained glass panel. The lead can also have a decorative function, such as the application of different lead thicknesses. We can also use the patina technique which makes a new panel indistinguishable from an old panel.


Both new and existing stained glass panels can be protected against weather conditions and the impact of stones in a responsible manner. The simplest way is to install storm windows on the outside of your wooden window frames. Storm windows are cheap and can be delivered quickly, but have the disadvantage of causing condensation in the space between the panes.

Another possibility is to incorporate the panel in insulating glass (double glazing). Insulating glass protects the lead against natural aging, but this method is only suitable for new panels. Old panels have to be reassembled in their entirety before they can be incorporated in insulating glass.

Glass painting

In our studio we create traditional painted glass, in accordance with the design provided. Examples are medallions and (family) weapons, but much more is possible. This manually applied painting technique is time consuming. Each colour must be applied separately and fired in the kiln at different temperatures.

We will give you a no-obligation quotation after we have received the following information from you: Dimensions, design choice, choice of glass, colour and lead, location of the panel to be installed and if possible a photo or drawing of the (existing) panel.

We can also visit you by appointment and give you advice without any obligations. The delivery and price depends on the applications on the panel and can be agreed upon in mutual consultation.

One of the advantages of glazing firm Berserik is that we keep everything in our own hands and do not subcontract anything to third parties, which is why we can offer lower prices and shorter delivery times.

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