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We specialise in the renovation of older buildings that still have authentic sash windows and French doors and windows. We do not shy away from innovation and creativity and will find solutions with you that visually do justice to the age of your property, but at the same time offer the comfort of a newly-built house.

Because insulating glass is heavier and thicker than the single glass in the old sash window, the old counterweights, the old system with a cotton sash cord or a chain, must be replaced by the installation of a new system. That is, a special spring system with a new cord and a new pulley, with the result that existing and or new sash windows can slide again as originally intended.

Together with our carpenter, we will look for solutions that are aimed at preserving the wooden casing without compromising the look of the property and at the same time offering the comfort of modern houses. Examples are the preservation of the well-known Duivenjager profile and the Bruynzeel profile, and all kinds of special milling work.

Insulating glass in steel window frames

After having done some research in the past, the last years we have been able to provide a wonderful solution for situations where people want to have their steel window frames fitted with insulating glass. This means that it’s not always needed to have your window frames replaced completely...we offer you an alternative insulation option, so that you can keep your window frames.

We will be happy to explain our expertise to you in person.

In situ repair of stained glass panels

We can restore your stained glass panels, provided that the lead strips & soldered joints are still in reasonable condition.

We will remove the broken panes and install new panes, which may differ slightly in appearance from the still intact panes.

For these and other glass renovation projects, please contact glazing firm Berserik

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