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Patterned glass

Patterned glass has a specific pattern or motif on one side. The patterns are applied to the surface of the glass. Patterned glass is mainly used as decorative glass in interior doors, windows or shower enclosures. The main advantage of patterned glass is that it is partially opaque but translucent. In this way, a space can be protected from looking in. Patterned glass comes standard as single-pane glass, but is also available in combination with insulating glass. Some types are also available in tempered glass.


We can also sandblast glass. The glass is then provided with a decorative design. By specifically processing the surface and covering other areas, a combination of matte and transparent sections is realized. The patterned glass can be sandblasted in any shape, finish or size.

Multiple thickness options

Patterned glass is available in different thicknesses, varying from 4 to 10 mm. We can customise all patterned glass for you. For more information about patterned glass, please contact us or visit our glass studio:

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