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Insulating glass

Insulation glass is a generic term for various types of glass that can provide thermal improvements. This can be as an entirely new glass unit, but also as a combination with existing facilities to create an insulating whole. Insulating glass is available as double glazing, triple glazing, secondary glazing (storm windows) and single glazing with HR coatings. Single-pane glass can sometimes achieve almost the same insulation values as standard double glazing, when provided with a special insulating HR coating.

Double glazing

The term insulating glass often refers to double glazing. Double glazing consists of 2 or more panes of glass. The space between the glass panes is filled with air or gas, creating an insulating interspace. In this way, less heat is lost and less energy is needed to keep the room at the right temperature. For HR++ insulating glass, the gas argon or krypton is used.

Single glazing

By adding an insulating HR coating to single-pane-glass, single glazing can also be used to insulate. Single-pane glass with a HR coating is particularly suitable for characteristic canal houses and historic mansions.

Triple glazing

It is also possible to opt for triple glazing. In most cases, double or single glazing with HR coating is sufficient to properly insulate rooms. An important element in choosing between different types of insulation glass and applications is that the glass should be in good “balance” with the rest of the house. The window frames, the location and even the type of wall may influence the better choice. As an example, an over-insulated window in a historic mansion with old wooden frames could have negative side-effects, such as condensation on the outside, or mould on the walls and ceilings. To prevent these situations, our glass specialists will be happy to give you advice on the best insulating glass for your house or business property.

Insulation values

In many cases, HR+ glass standard double glazing will be sufficient to achieve significant energy savings. The degree of insulation quality is indicated in u-values. A low u-value indicates that the glass has little energy loss and a u-value of 0 means practically no energy loss. In the Netherlands, these quality standards are usually classified into “classes”.

  • Single glazing has a u-value of 6.0
  • Laminated glass has a u-value of 6.0 – 5.5
  • Single glazing with HR coating has a u-value of 5.0 - 2.5
  • Double glazing has a u-value of 3.0
  • HR insulating glass has a u-value of 2.1 - 1.7
  • HR+ insulating glass has a u-value of 1.4 - 1.3
  • HR++ insulating glass has a u-value of 1.2 - 1.0

Advantages of insulating glass compared to single-pane glazing

  • Both thermally insulating and sound-insulating (saving on energy costs)
  • 100% dry air filling or argon gas filling in the interspace: no condensation/moisture/dust formation on the glass
  • Comfort and experience (no more cold draughts at the windows)
  • Burglar-resistant (safety, liability, insurance)
  • Added value in case of sale of the property and better energy labels
  • 10 year KOMO certified warranty
  • Less maintenance (wear, weathering and paint layers)
  • Future paintwork will be cheaper if you have insulated glazing (painting glazing beads is cheaper than putty and repairing)

Fast delivery and installation

If your insulation glass is broken, you need a new window as soon as possible. Within The Hague, we can often be at your property within 1 hour to repair your window. Do you have an emergency? Call: 070 381 6751 for our 24/7 repair service.

More information about insulating glass

Our experts have many years of experience and will be happy to give you advice on insulating glass. Please contact us by phone on 070 381 6751 or visit our shop in The Hague.