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By installing burglar-resistant glass - you will prevent burglary or significantly increase the time needed to break in. Burglar-resistant glass is available in different types: wired glass, double-pane glass and laminated glass in particular are often used to prevent or slow down break-ins. A combination of these types is also possible as double glazing.

What type of burglar-resistant glass do I need?

Wired glass and double glazing are intruder-resistant, because the burglar will immediately see that it is going to be difficult to get through the glass. With laminated glass, it is often not immediately clear to a burglar that the glass is burglar-resistant, due to the fact that laminated glass is usually completely transparent. Laminated glass is not less suitable to prevent a break-in attempt, but it is considerably stronger than double glazing or wired glass, should a burglar attempt to gain access through the glass.

Burglar-resistant glass: don’t give burglars a chance

The types of glazing ensure that burglars are denied access or are discouraged by how long it will take to break in. The glass will eventually break, but it is very difficult to make a hole in the glass through which they can enter. Burglar-resistant glass can withstand hard object impacts and repeated attempts to smash in the glass. Our burglar-resistant glass complies with European standard EN 356 and is available in classes P1A to P8B.

Unbreakable plastic pane made of lexan (polycarbonate)

A transparent plastic type that is “unbreakable” is also an option and is very suitable for basement windows, front door windows or other easily accessible window frames in your home. The great advantage of this material is that it is absolutely unbreakable and yet can be processed by adding slots, holes and openings, and the like. The disadvantage is that plastic has a much softer and more fragile surface than glass. This makes it more susceptible to scratches, damage and discoloration over time.

More information about burglar-resistant glass

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