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Wired glass

Wired glass is a single-pane glass with a grid of metal wires embedded in it. It’s also possible to use metal wires in a double-paned window. The metal wires ensure that the glass is considerably safer than standard single-pane glass. When the glass breaks, the wire prevents the glass fragments from falling out. Wired glass is therefore safe, is intruder-resistant and will especially prevent burglary attempts.

Advantages of wired glass

  • Safety glass does not fall apart when it cracks
  • Burglar-resistant
  • Prevents burglaries

Georgian wired glass

Georgian wired glass is recognizable by its small bubbles and is the least transparent of the wired glass types. Georgian wired glass is often used on balconies and in partition walls and skylights of sun rooms and extensions.

Clear wired glass

Clear wired glass has a slightly ridged and wavy structure with metal wires as reinforcement. Clear wired glass is partially transparent and is often used for the same purposes as Georgian wired glass.

Polished wired glass

Polished wired glass is smooth, flat and completely transparent on both sides. Polished wired glass is also fire resistant for up to 20 minutes. This type of wired glass is the most transparent.

Delivery and installation of wired glass

Glazing firm Berserik has a large stock of glass products and can therefore deliver all kinds and sizes of wired glass from stock. It’s also possible to opt for wired glass with glass in a brown colour or wired glass with a different pattern: patterned wired glass.

Do you need glass in non-standard dimensions? No problem. At glazing firm Berserik we have over 25 years of experience in processing glass products. Thanks to our good contacts with various glass factories, we can also quickly supply glass of highly unusual dimensions.

Would you like more information about the working method of our glaziers? Feel free to contact us on 070 381 6751 or fill in our contact form. In case of an emergency, call our 24/7 repair service and we will deliver and install your glass within one hour.

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